McGlothlin-Street Hall 233


Fall 2014 Hours:


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30-5:30 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-9 PM


Peer tutor by appointment: Email jvail14 [you will know the rest]

Coordinator of the Writing Center by appointment: Call 944-6225.



The Writing Center offers a variety of services via the Sydnor Writing Lab, a Title III writing lab in McGlothlin-Street Hall 233.



The room, a great place to work on papers, is available for students after 3 PM most days and on weekends.You are welcome to use the lab if it is not being use for a class or workshop or test administration.



Tutors are available to help members of the college community at any stage of the writing process.We are currently staffing for Fall 2014.If you need assistance before we open formally, please call Dr. Mitchell at 6225 or drop by her office (McGlothlin-Street Hall).

Tutors specialize in general needs; it is helpful if you bring your assignment.Tutors are tutors (not editors).A tutor will not correct a paper; however she or he will to find a pattern of errors and model corrections. Occasionally a tutor will have to meet with visitors in a nearby classroom to accommodate a workshop, but there will always be a sign directing visitors to the tutor.



For students who have time to plan ahead, a professional tutor is available.Contact Dr. Mitchell (via email with the campus email system where you may find her email address) if you would like to make an appointment.



Dr. Mitchell is happy to work with students who need to develop a plan for success and/or students who want more help diagnosing a problem with writing.Students and/or faculty members are welcome to contact her for help with a paper (or papers) and/or a writing concern.Email her and/or stop by her office in M-S Hall 230.



Students experiencing anxiety about writing in general may contact Dr. Mitchell for tips on how to simplify the writing process.Additional support for academic and personal concerns may be found in the Powell Resource Center.The Powell Resource Center has many resources to help students to navigate the various challenges of college work (from the academic to the emotional).Contact the Powell Center by calling 6144 or going by Wiley 220.††



The following resources can be helpful to college writers:

         Diana Hackerís Research and Documentation Online

o   This website includes models of papers in MLA, Chicago, and APA styles; your professors will require various styles (depending on the discipline).Tutors are happy to help you to adapt to different styles.

         Bedford/St. Martins: Rules for Writers

o   This website provides review of basic rules and includes practice tests to help you to set up a course of review of basic editing skills.

         Capital Community College Foundationís Guide to Grammar and Writing

o   This website, sponsored by a nonprofit organization, offers a range of resources and drills for both students and teachers.

         UTEP: Dealing with Writing Anxiety

o   This resource has some tips on addressing writing anxiety, a natural part of the process for many writers.



Faculty members are encouraged to invite students to utilize the Writing Centerís resources.In addition, many require students to visit at some stage of the process.If a faculty member requires a student to visit the Writing Center after receiving a grade on a paper, please return a paper with the grade and grade-related comments on a separate sheet of paper in order to protect a studentís privacy.Faculty members do not need to use a referral form.At the same time, if a faculty member prefers to use one, a referral form is provided via the link below:


         Writing Center Referral



Writing Center

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Emory & Henry College

PO Box 976

Emory, VA 24327


To contact us:

Phone: 276-944-6225 (Office)