Eugene Ethelbert Miller Papers

Listed by Robert J. Vejnar, II

Date: 22 September 2000

(Edited by Jody Hanshew, January 16, 2003)




Accession #: 2000-03

Size: 3 Record Center boxes

Date Span: 1972-1999 (bulk from 1977-1996)


Scope/Content: Includes correspondence, flyers, programs, newspaper clippings, transcribed interviews, memorabilia, college course materials, photographs, a videotape, book reviews, magazine articles, and manuscript drafts of E. Ethelbert Miller. Also included are materials associated with the African American Writers Stamp Project which Mr. Miller headed.


Biographical Sketch: E. Ethelbert Miller was born in the Bronx in New York on 20 November 1950. He attended New York City public schools, and enrolled at Howard University in the fall of 1968. Mr. Miller graduated from Howard University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies. From 1973 to 1974 Mr. Miller worked for Howard University as both a research associate for the Institute of the Arts and Humanities, and as assistant director of the African American Resource Center, and he continues to serve the University in that capacity today. Professor Miller has published several volumes of poetry and is the editor of several anthologies. Mr. Miller was one of the 60 American authors selected and honored by Laura Bush and The White House at the First National Book Festival, September 8, 2001. He serves on numerous boards (such as the Washington D.C. Humanities Council), and he is a commentator for National Public Radio. Mr. Miller has served as a visiting professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and adjunct professor at American University.  In 1996 he was the Jessie Ball DuPont Scholar at Emory & Henry College. He was scholar-in-residence at George Mason University for the Spring 2000 semester, and the 2001 Carell Writer-in-Residence at Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee.



Box 1:

            1. Honors Convocation, University of Nevada at Las Vegas: 15 April 1993

            2. Miller Interview, Fairbanks, Alaska: 30 November 1990

            3. Julie Ainsworth interview: 22 July 1988

            4. Miller interview concerning Cuba: 24 June 1977

            5. Peggy Cooper Cafritz interview: 12 June 1986

            6. Amy Horowitz interview: 1 April 1983

            7. Interview with Wallace Deen Muhammad

            8. Interview with Robert Gardner: 15 April 1988

            9. Interview with Yosef Ben-Jochannan: 17 March 1978

            10. Programs

            11. Programs (cont.)

            12. Articles

            13. Book reviews (of works involving Miller)

            14. Flyers

15. Profiles (Black Writers, The Oxford Companion to African American Literature, etc.)

16. Articles on E. Miller (WNBA Signature, Chronicle of Higher Education, The Washington Post, The Oregonian, etc.)

17. Mid-East trip

18. Letters: 1989-1992

19. Letters: 1994-1996

20. Confirmations (Youth Center One, West Potomac High School, Howard University)

21. Newsletters

22. Profile

23. Acknowledgements

24. Lecture: My Name Means My Own: Violence and Identity in the work of five black women writers: Delivered on 10 October 1978.

25. Articles (Black Issues in Higher Education, Museum & Arts Washington, Washington Review, Cityscape: A journal of Urban Life, etc.)

26. 1997 Letters

27. 1998 Letters

28. Ascension Poetry Series

29. Where Are the Love Poems for Dictators?

30. University of Nevada at Las Vegas

31. Letters from Alice Walker

32. 1998 materials (press release and information about Fathering Words, Press pass from Cuba trip, Vertigo books calendar, brochure for reading at Ellipse Arts Center in VA, In Daddy’s Arms related items, letter of nomination to the D.C. Arts Commission, newspaper clipping from UNLV student newspaper, and National Writers Union Invitation.)



Box 2:

1.      Video: Poetry Quartet

2.      Flyers and programs: 1998

3.      Certificates

4.      Interview: Dennis Brutus, 1974

5.      Interview: Michelle Parkerson, 1978

6.      Sonya Sanchez interview: 1977

7.      Audre Lorde interview: 1980

8.      Amy Horowitz interview: 1983

9.      Ed Cox interview: 1982

10.  W. D. Muhammad interview, 1983

11.  Letters regarding Whispers, Secrets and Promises

12.  Whispers, Secrets and Promises

13.  Letters regarding In Search of Color Everywhere

14.  Promotional materials for In Search of Color Everywhere

15.  In Search of Color Everywhere

16.  In Search of Color Everywhere (duplicate)

17.  Lotus Press

18.  Articles

19.  Letters: 1977-1987

20.  Program flyers

21.  Program flyers (additional)

22.  Miscellaneous

23.  Flyers and programs

24.  Articles



Box 3:

1.      Articles

2.      Where Are the Love Poems for Dictators – work in progress

3.      Letters from important writers

4.      Letters

5.      Pictures

6.      Reviews and scripts (by Miller)

7.      Student letters

8.      Letters and programs

9.      Letters: 1972-1983

10.  Letters: 1984-1991

11.  Letters: 1992-1996

12.  African American Writers Stamp Project: letters

13.  African American Writers Stamp Project: clippings

14.  African American Writers Stamp Project: correspondence

15.  African American Writers Stamp Project: notes, drafts

16.  Addresses and certificate

17.  Letters from children, 1985

18.  SOL articles

19.  Emory & Henry College, Spring 1996 (Events, correspondence, Prism, A! Magazine, The Whitetopper, E&H graduation address, faculty meeting minutes, Abingdon Virginian article, course evaluations)

20.  Literary Festival, St. Mary’s College: May 1996 (Correspondence, schedules, promotion, etc.)

21.  Hoo-Doo Magazine

22.  Synergy Magazine

23.  Clippings (1970s)

24.  Clippings (1980s)

25.  Clippings (1990s)

26.  Clippings (1990s cont.)

27.  Clippings (1990s cont.)

28.  Clippings (undated)



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